Ángel Martín Oro

Ángel Martín Oro

Ángel Martín Oro is VP of Spain at UFM Market Trends in collaboration with Instituto Juan de Mariana. He is also a PhD-candidate in economics. He is also a senior consultant at iDen Global and was previously an editor at the financial portal inBestia.com. In addition, he is a professor of the OMMA Master of Economics. He is the author and co-author of numerous reports and articles, published in Spanish and international media, such as the Wall Street Journal and the Cato Institute. 

The Strength of the Spanish Economy Surprises Amidst Disappointing Global Growth

By Ángel Martín Oro on September 26, 2016

Bond gains have yet to reach the ground, and the 10-year yield dropped below 1%. By contrast, IBEX 35 recorded losses by over 20%, in annual terms; a number that is not far away from European references.

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Spanish Economy Showing Strength in Light of Political Uncertainty

By Ángel Martín Oro on July 10, 2016

Year-on-year GDP growth during the first quarter of this year was at 3.4%, only one decimal less than what it was during the last quarter of 2015. Similarly, employment remains at strong levels, as well. But, how has this political uncertainty impacted foreign investors’ entry into the economy of Spain?

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Brazil Coming Out on Top among Financial Markets

By Ángel Martín Oro on May 23, 2016

After years of poor performance, both in absolute and relative terms, these markets have finally produced some good news for investors. The aggregate index for emerging markets has increased 6.6% so far this year.

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Spain Once Again Overshoots Budget Deficit Target for 2015

By Ángel Martín Oro on May 16, 2016

What all of us already knew has now been confirmed: the Spanish government body came far from achieving the budget deficit goal for the close of 2015. Final figure have come in at 5.16% of GDP, compared to the 4.2% that they had promised to Brussels.

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Will India replace China as the driving force in the Global Economy?

By Ángel Martín Oro on April 14, 2016

The booming increase in China’s economy in recent decades, and now the current downswing, has seen and is currently experiencing very important consequences. This comes as no surprise given the size of its economy. Its contribution to the growth of the global economy in general, and to the demand in commodities, particularly in the last decade and a half, has been quite substantial. Since 2005, China’s economy has consistently accounted for more than one percent of the global economy, having reached a max in the year 2007 at 1.6 percent when its GDP raised 14%.

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Putting Spain’s Growth in Context

By Ángel Martín Oro on September 15, 2015

The positive macroeconomic data coming from the Spanish economy contrasts with the economic deceleration experienced by the global economy. During the second quarter of 2015, Spain’s real GDP continued to grow, exceeding 3%. The question is, Will Spain continue to experience economic growth in spite of sluggish global economic growth?

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