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Cheap Oil and Why OPEC Can’t Do Anything About It

Beyond the behavior of speculators or OPEC—which some consider a cartel, if there is anything we can learn is that the fall in oil prices responds to the forces of supply and demand. On the demand side, lower economic activity throughout the world, specially in China, has lowered the price of oil. Projections by the International Energy Agency show how demand weakened in 2014, although it rebounded in 2016.

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Correa’s Ecuador Versus Peru

It seems that 2006 was a long time ago—the year when Rafael Correa was not yet president of Ecuador. Nevertheless, there was an Ecuador before him: a troubled country that had seven presidents in only 10 years. With elections just around the corner, what economic model will mostly benefit Ecuadorians?

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Slow Growth, High Government Debt

Mexico continues to experience a yearly growth of less than 3%. Since the second half of 2014, growth rate in Mexico has been stagnant and predictions are that growth will continue at a slow pace throughout this year, as well.

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Argentina Exits Default and Returns to the Global Market

The effect of this has been seen in the performance of Argentina’s debt in the EMBI+, which has shown major improvement for one year now. Using basis points, the EMBI+ measures the difference between bond performance in emerging countries and American treasury bonds, Eurobonds and other risk-free economic instruments.

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