Are the Sanctions Causing Venezuela’s Deterioration?

By Jon Aldekoa on June 10, 2019

Is the United States responsible for the recent increase in Venezuela’s mortality rate and decreasing calorie intake?

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What Is Really Happening with Venezuela’s Gold?

By Kike Briega, CFA on March 3, 2019

Why is Venezuela trying to sell its gold? How much gold does Venezuela have left? How long can the Venezuelan government survive on gold reserves?

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Venezuela Has Hyperinflation. Now What?

By Jon Aldekoa on November 2, 2018

How is the Venezuelan government’s deficit financed?

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Are Oil Prices to Blame for the Venezuelan Crisis?

By Daniel Fernández on April 19, 2017

Many analysts are venturing to link the crisis that plagues the Venezuelan economy with the fall in the price of crude oil. With oil being one of the most important commodity in Venezuelan production and the country’s main export product, it seems that the fall in the price would bring any country with an economic structure similar to Venezuela’s into a crisis. Similarly, many assume that the problems in Ecuador have the same root as those in Venezuela, although less pronounced.

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The Only Solution for the Economy of Venezuela Is Dollarization

By Daniel Fernández on May 12, 2016

The country of Venezuela is dangerously approaching hyperinflation. At 2015’s year-end, official figures had yearly inflation at or above 180% (some private sector estimated it at 330%). The technical definition of hyperinflation is when inflation is at 50% or more per month, meaning that Venezuela is not yet at this point, but does seem to be approaching at an accelerated pace.

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