Kike Briega, CFA

Kike Briega, CFA

Kike completed an MBA at IESE Business School with an exchange at Chicago Booth. He has a financial certification CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) and has worked in investment banking, corporate strategic consulting, as well as in the world of development in Africa and Central America. His personal blog is

The Real Public Debt in the United States and Europe

By Kike Briega, CFA on April 23, 2019

If future pensions and health services were accounted for as debt, how much would the public debt amount to in the United States and in other countries?

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What Is Really Happening with Venezuela’s Gold?

By Kike Briega, CFA on March 3, 2019

Why is Venezuela trying to sell its gold? How much gold does Venezuela have left? How long can the Venezuelan government survive on gold reserves?

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The Half-Truths of the OXFAM Report

By Kike Briega, CFA on February 6, 2019

Why doesn’t OXFAM’s latest report tell the whole truth about poverty and inequality in the world?

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