The Success of India’s Liberalization in 1991

By Salvador Amaya on March 12, 2020

How did political control of the economy work in India? Why did India liberalize in 1991? What were the results?

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Will India replace China as the driving force in the Global Economy?

By Ángel Martín Oro on April 14, 2016

The booming increase in China’s economy in recent decades, and now the current downswing, has seen and is currently experiencing very important consequences. This comes as no surprise given the size of its economy. Its contribution to the growth of the global economy in general, and to the demand in commodities, particularly in the last decade and a half, has been quite substantial. Since 2005, China’s economy has consistently accounted for more than one percent of the global economy, having reached a max in the year 2007 at 1.6 percent when its GDP raised 14%.

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