Diego Santizo

Diego Santizo

Diego Santizo is an analyst at UFM Market Trends. He has a master’s degree in Economics and a Minor in Finance from Francisco Marroquín University. He is an assistant professor of Economics and related courses at UFM. He is deeply committed with learning, teaching and researching. He is also a multilingual translator. 

Will China Reverse Its Trade Surplus with the United States?

By Diego Santizo on May 21, 2019

China’s trade surplus with the US continues to grow despite Trump’s rhetoric. Will this trend continue?

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A Chinese Bomb: Are We Really on the Threshold of Another Global Financial Crisis?

By Diego Santizo on February 18, 2019

As the weakest link in the world economy, could China be the place where the world’s economic expansion breaks down?

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The Other War between the US and China: Investment in Research and Development

By Diego Santizo on February 12, 2019

Who is more advanced in the global R&D race: China or the US? Who gets the most benefit from research and development?

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