Jorge Eduardo García García

Jorge Eduardo García García

Jorge is currently completing the second grade of Economics with minor in Finance at the Universidad Francisco Marroquín. He has attended to international seminars from Foundation for Economic Education.

He is research intern on Centro de Estudios Económico-Sociales (CEES) and also has collaborated in experiments on Centro Vernon Smith of Experimental economics in UFM.

Understanding the Surplus

By Jorge Eduardo García García on January 26, 2017

The main problem arises when a government deficit comes with a primary balance deficit. The primary balance is the difference between government revenue and expenses, without taking into account the cost of the debt (interests).

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Mexico’s Depreciated Peso and a Formula That Doesn’t Work

By Jorge Eduardo García García on November 21, 2016

Mexico’s position and its depreciated currency is not unique in the world; since 2014 Japan has also lost about 28% of the yen’s value against the dollar and its exports have fallen around 10% since.

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